The Latest Kaleidescape software release is here!

Every four months improved versions of the Kaleidescape operating system are released, so customers can continue to enjoy the ultimate cinematic experience. This release includes many changes that make it easier for customers to find content in their collections they’ll enjoy watching.

New “Played” Collection
With the new “Played” collection, movies are automatically moved out of “New” once they’re played. Moving them to “Played” makes it easy to find recently watched movies, including rentals, that customers may want to watch again soon. This reveals more movies in the “New” collection customers haven’t watched yet. Customers can also move content to the “Played” collection in bulk, using the browser interface.

Search My Movies Feature (Strato/Terra only)
Kaleidescape has also made it easy for customers to search their libraries for movies with the new “Search My Movies” feature. They can simply enter keywords such as title, actor, or director into the keypad for easy searching.

Other Notable Features (Strato/Terra only)

  • Lutron RA3 Support. Added support for Lutron RA3 processors.
  • Windows Network Discovery of Kaleidescape Components. Kaleidescape components will now be discoverable in the Microsoft Windows network finder. Double-clicking a device takes you to the browser interface (also accessible by entering “my-kaleidescape” or “my-kaleidescape.local” in your browser’s address field).
  • Accessing System Using “my-kaleidescape.” For customers with a Strato/Terra and a Premiere system on the same network, “my-kaleidescape” will always bring up the Strato/Terra system, so we have added “my-premiere” to access the Premiere system directly.

Kaleidescape continuously strives to improve the user experience with regular software rollouts, enabling higher fidelity source material and elevating every component in your theater. We hope you enjoy these improvements and welcome your feedback.

Contact your Strateres Account Manager to learn more.