We are pleased to announce that our all-new Pavilion Series of outdoor flush-mount speakers will be shipping in early December! Pavilion models have the exact same weather resistance as our

Acadia Arriving Soon! Downsizing or upsizing, it doesn’t matter! We have the answer with Acadia by #salamanderdesigns. Acadia boasts a modern look and ultra-small footprint made for any space. It’s also

Add Hi-Res Music to Every Room

The POWERNODE EDGE provides hi-res audio coverage for tucked away spaces. Bluesound, the original line of hi-res wireless multi-room audio players, carries award-winning, custom install-friendly streaming solutions supported by the

Dolby Atmos provides an immersive evolution for movies, music and gaming. We’ve created this guide to tell you what it is and how to integrate into your home entertainment system.

Discreet & Powerful Audio For Gardens Of Any Size The Climate Garden Series is comprised of high-performance, super discreet all-weather satellite speakers and subwoofers, using Monitor Audio’s proprietary driver technology.