Customizing your Séura Mirror is now EASIER than ever!

Customization is a large part of what defines us. With Séura, you can create a completely custom piece to meet your precise design requirements.

There is a new “Customize Your Séura Mirror” webpage on that walks you through their custom mirror options. CLICK HERE to check it out.

You can navigate to this from the main nav on by hovering over “Products” and selecting “Customize Your Séura Mirror” in the “Custom Mirrors” section.


  1. Easily provide information on custom options.
  2. Drive clients to a single webpage instead of multiple digital brochures and sell sheets for custom mirror information, and include buttons to request a quote and learn more about specific topics
  3. Make this information easy for people to access and navigate to on

Please use this as a resource and share this with customers to help guide them through Séura’s custom mirror offering.