Two New Additions to the Strateres Family of Brands

WhyReboot is a networking company that has primarily been working with the HTSA Group for several years and have done so very successfully (Growth Vendor of the Year in 2020).  They are a Ruckus premier partner and hold more certifications with Ruckus than any other reseller (yes including Access).  WhyReboot has a very similar model to Access in that they distribute Ruckus as well as Fortinet and Sonic Wall.  They also preconfigure systems for easy deployment with great documentation and a ‘guaranteed to work’ model.

Some other quick bites about WhyReboot:

  • Next business day advanced replacement.
  • 24/7 365 White-Glove Support, including holidays!
  • FREE Configuration changes for a full year.
  • They make configuration changes for free!
  • FREE Predictive Analysis!
  • Bibliotek Portal access
  • Secure and Granular Remote Access
  • WhyReboot will work with part of your network
  • WhyReboot has authored and co-authored many books on networking
  • WhyReboot are the good guys!

We look forward to showing you WhyReboot and hope you’ll take a good look at what they have to offer.   Check them out at or Click here to request information on WhyReboot.

We have represented TerraVue for a couple of years and they produce some terrific outdoor motorized screen products.  TerraVue and Progressive are both divisions of Hunter Douglas and they have decided to roll the two companies into one which will fall under the Progressive brand.

Progressive is a fantastic product and has many more offerings than TerraVue did so we couldn’t be happier with the change.  Their products include both Residential and Commercial applications and can span a space as large as 30ft wide and 24ft tall!

You can find out more information at or Click here to request information on Progressive Screens

Your Account Manager will be reaching out to discuss these new brands with you. Everyone at Strateres appreciates your considerations with any of our brands and we look forward to continuing working with you.