Introducing The Lighting Sherpa Snackinar Series by Strateres!

This fall, Strateres is thrilled to introduce The Lighting Sherpa Snackinar Series! We will be hosting (6) separate educational snackinars over (6) weeks focusing on little “bites” of lighting education.

Thursday, September 9th through Thursday October 14th. Curriculum created for the Custom Integration channel – focused on addressing lighting challenges, discoveries, and opportunities to empower you in the topic of lighting solutions.

The Fall 2021 snackinar series will feature Bruce Clark from Kaleidolight Lighting Design. Bruce is self-styled “Lighting Sherpa”, someone who loves lighting design, but is more interested in helping to shoulder your lighting “burden”, whatever that happens to be in the moment. More than just a designer, Bruce is a helpful, skilled and knowledgeable guide who sees better lighting as the goal, and wants to ensure that the “expedition party” (custom integrator + project team + client) arrives at their destination safely and successfully.

With his passion to address challenges in the industry and supporting the workload, Bruce is positioned to help make your journey into the world of lighting easier and more enjoyable. Our goal at Strateres is to give you the tools to confidently dive into the next profitable product category in our channel.

Kaleidolight is a group of passionate and creative lighting design professionals who care about giving access to a better lighting experience for as many folks as possible. They are people who live in houses just like you and who want to experience all the benefits that good lighting can provide. They are also lighting nerds who like to eat all the lighting acronyms, light & health research, and technological mumbo jumbo so they can help break it all down for the average consumer to understand and take advantage of.

The Lighting Sherpa series is broken into (6) light bite training sessions. Each session is stand-alone, but the topics will weave together. Be sure to register in advance, the same link will work for all sessions.