Palladiom White Color Matched Nano

Message from Alex Capecelatro, CEO of

All versions of the Ready Wallplate from Lutron are now shipping!
I am really excited about this product for my own home and I keep hearing from dealers and clients around the US and Canada excited too. If you didn’t see the launch video, check it out here.

This product has two forms: Lutron Palladiom and Claro style which fits seeTouch and Pico style keypads. The standard white Josh Nano is color-matched to the seeTouch wallplate, and we custom designed and built a special Palladiom White to color match to Lutron’s Palladiom line as well.

Now Shipping

Lutron Palladiom Architectural Metal / Lutron Claro Midnight Black

To order, you can purchase Josh Nano from the Josh Store and the Lutron Wallplate from Lutron.