New factory preload collections from Kaleidescape


To give your customers the ultimate home cinema experience out of the box, Kaleidescape has created three new pre-load collections including content that tops their most-watched list, and all in 4K HDR. By offering one of these collections, you will equip your customers with dynamic audio and video content to get the most out of their new home theater.

Collection details:

They have also updated their dealer demo collection, bringing together the best 50 4K UltraHD movies with dynamic scenes and compelling music to showcase how Kaleidescape, the ultimate movie player, elevates every component in a home theater. The new Experience Kaleidescape – DEMO collection includes 50 4K Ultra HD films (48 in 4K HDR and 41 with Dolby Atmos) and has a dealer cost of $1,000.

These new pre-load collections supersede their previous offering, simplifying the process and helping you provide your customers the ultimate cinema experience with a Kaleidescape player.

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