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Living in Place & Our Health

When it comes to protecting loved ones, possessions, and our overall well-being, home is the one place we should feel safe – yet evidence shows that the space inside our homes can be up to five times more polluted than it is outside.

Our Ecosystem

RePure’s integrated system of hardware and software intelligently measures and removes harmful contaminants in your air and water.

Visibility & Smart Control

Be aware of what’s happening in your indoor environment.

Get alerted to take action if a leak is detected or if the air quality has dropped below threshold. Or leave the guesswork out of the equation, get RePure to work in the background to always ensure the optimal conditions*.

* based on empirical research

The Technology

RePure connects with the latest hardware to stay on top of environmental trends and new emerging contaminants, ensuring you are protected 365 days a year.



Works With Category Leaders

The RePure ecosystem solves the problems of indoor air and water quality with innovative solutions, backed by the latest research.

Are you a home integrator, designer, architect, builder or developer?

RePure provides personalized support to their dealers with the training and tools to help your business capitalize on the growing health and well-tech sector while improving the quality of life for your clients.

Make a true impact on your clients by helping them experience the benefits of a healthy home. You’ll get pro pricing, exclusive training and tools, and personalized support to help your business capitalize on the growing sector of health and wellness tech.

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