Why Use More Than Just Plug In Surge Protectors?

The use of a plug-in or rack mount surge suppressor (SPD) is a standard part of most AV surge protection today. Millions of plug-in type surge protectors are sold each year to protect the power to consumer electronics. The coordination of surge protection at the breaker panel and proper grounding for incoming and outgoing phone, data, cable, and satellite lines is typically missed. In today’s home or office, almost all electronic equipment and appliances have power supplies and circuit boards that control the equipment. The focus in the past was protection from immediate hardware destruction to power supplies and circuit boards caused by lightning and power company surges. We also need to protect the software from lockups, glitches, gradual hardware stress, and latent failures due to circuit board degradation caused by internally generated transients as well as lightning and other electrical anomalies caused by man or mother nature.

Today you cannot use one surge suppressor to effectively protect all sensitive equipment in the home. The best way to protect power pathways to all equipment and appliances is to install Transient Protection Design surge protection units on electrical breaker panels feeding electronic equipment and install point of use surge suppression at the equipment. Staged protection is in accordance with IEEE Recommended Practices.

TPD’s Tim Fazio offers one-on-one meetings to discuss surge protection and grounding. The storm season is here. Is your customer protected?

Call 888-281-7856 or email tim@tpdsurge.com if you have a surge protection application.

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