What’s New at Coastal Source


Now more versatile with improved performance, at an even greater value.

The new 600 Series Amplifiers by Coastal Source are multi-zone capable, featuring a 2 input/4 output matrix with full power-sharing technology. They have improved the thermal management all in a smaller enclosure. The new amp series doesn’t require power supplies and they offer intelligent on/off, plus advanced DSP, and wide operating voltage options. The amps are 4 Ω stable, and dependent on the model, will support two to four subwoofers.

Plus, coming late summer:  CAS300/2 and SAS300/2 amplifiers. Ideal for smaller systems!

Want more details about Coastal Source amplifiers and speakers?  You will find this helpful amplifier and speaker comparison guide, Coastal Source Audio Matrix, in The Knowledge Bank on the dealer website!



Exclusive Sunbrella speaker covers are now available for Coastal Source 2-Way and 3-Way Ellipse Bollards!  These high durability, protective accessory items are useful for homeowners undergoing construction and landscaping overhauls. They are acoustically transparent, meaning speakers can be played while the covers remain on. For buried speakers, the speaker cover material can easily be cut to size.

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Wi-Fi Windows Accessory

Coastal Source has been working for years to develop a solution for RGBW outdoor lighting that is truly Coastal Quality, but still haven’t landed on a solution they believe is worthy of the Coastal Source name. In the meantime, they have developed an accessory for their MR16 based products to utilize existing third-party MR16 lamps as an interim solution. The composite construction of the Wi-Fi Windows allows the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals used by the third-party lamps to transmit unimpeded by our solid brass fixtures. This accessory is compatible with all Coastal Source MR16 Bullet Lights, MR16 Path Lights, MR16 Tree Lights, and Tiki Torches. It is easily installed by separating the shroud from the fixture base and threading on the Wi-Fi Window. Then simply install the RGBW Wi-Fi/Bluetooth lamp of your choice and replace the shroud.

Note: The signal quality and light performance are dictated by the third-party lamp. Coastal Source makes no claims as to the performance of third-party lamps when used in their fixtures with or without Wi-Fi Windows.


A true outdoor marvel has arrived.  As Coastal Source’s newly released flagship product, the Line Source sets a new standard for outdoor audio. This patent-pending ground plane speaker takes full advantage of line array technology for high SPL & fidelity making Line Source capable of unparalleled—concert-quality—performance with superior experience and constant coverage over large listening areas. The planer ribbon tweeter array is capable of extreme delicacy and finesse in sound while remaining rugged enough to stay outdoors in all seasons. Midrange line arrayed woofers bring a full, warm-bodied sound and internal rear-firing subwoofers fill out the bottom end with chest-pounding bass. It must be heard to be believed!

Now available! Additional add-ons and accessory items:

MR16 Tree Light with Uniball Mount – Now with a larger, more heavy-duty mounting screw! Add the ultimate stability and flexibility when creating magnificent down-lit designs. The modified Uniball Mount Screw is longer and tougher, with the same easy installation.

8C Bulk Cable – 8C Uni-Connect cable has been available in standard terminated lengths, and now it can also be purchased unterminated and by-the-foot! Their 8C cable is rated for both in-wall and direct burial use. The convenience of by-the-foot, unterminated applications include wiring from the equipment rack to the JBX box and/or installations with extensive underground conduit infrastructure. When ordering, simply specify how much wire you need in feet.

Molded In-field Splices – Replaces the Speaker Splice Kit. Repair CC or CMC cables, or adapt third party wiring with the four newly developed models.

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