Which UPS Design Should You Choose?

Tips and technical advice from Kevin Jozefowicz,
Strateres Training and Product Specialist

Many of our dealers have realized there are many benefits to be derived from using a better than ordinary UPS when installing Home automation systems, lighting control, shades, or any other microprocessor-based system that could be subject to major disruptions if ground contamination noise and/or voltage leakage from ground to neutral problems sneak in through the home electrical system and cause operational gremlins and CPU lockups.

The most common issues across the country are voltage swings and inconsistencies which can cause operational instability of connected components and affect the lifespan of your client electronics.

To counteract this problem, recommend the SurgeX OL series of UPS’s. This series uses online dual conversion technology to convert incoming AC power to DC and then recreating a fresh new AC signal for your client’s delicate electronics. The backup batteries are online at all times so there is no transfer time to batteries if powerline AC is lost. The new AC signal is voltage regulated

The second most common problem is voltage leakage from neutral to ground, typically caused by increased resistance along the neutral or ground wire particularly as the distance from the main breaker panel increases. This creates noise and spurious voltages which can result in equipment damage, CPU lockups, hums, and the generation of high-frequency noise.

SurgeX’s new UPS-Li-ISO UPS solution uses an isolation transformer designed to eliminate neutral-ground voltage, reducing lockups and downtime for sensitive electronic systems and AV equipment. With these new UPS + Isolation Transformers, a new neutral-ground bond is established at the rack, rather than at the main breaker panel, to ensure clean power is supplied to connected electronic equipment. The UPSs prevent high-frequency electrical noise and voltage from affecting performance and deliver clean, fully conditioned power free of harmonics and common mode noise to guarantee optimal performance and reliability.

Remember both of these solutions should include a surge eliminator upstream of the UPS to fully protect all connected equipment.
For installations that require minimal additional protection, the cost-effective UPS -LI-2 solutions use Surge Elimination coupled with a true sine wave line-interactive UPS to filter, condition, and stabilize power.