Séura Custom Mirror Upgrade: New adjustable color temperature LEDs with touch control

Touch Control Dimming

Curate the desired atmosphere in your home with one touch. Séura’s most advanced mirrors feature a capacitive touch button to conveniently change the intensity level anywhere from dreamy low-light to reviving brightness.

Touch Control Color Temperature

Whether you’re energizing your morning routine with cool, clean white, or winding down for a good night’s sleep with a warm and inviting glow, tune your light color with the in-mirror touch sensor. This adjustment serves as beauty lighting so you blend and perfect your makeup shade to match your next location—use warmer light to prep you for intimate evenings, natural white for indoor events, and cool white for outdoor daylight activities.

Refine your white light color temperature: Accentuate your lifestyle, your look, and your wellbeing with color temperature settings. Create a relaxing atmosphere with warm white, or turn up the vibrancy for hair or makeup in cooler light.


Customize your Séura mirror with technology upgrades that elegantly and conveniently incorporate lighting control, defoggers, clocks, and more into the mirror.

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