Lutron Recommends Transient Protection Design Surge Suppression – Do you?

The most successful dealers know that making a customer for life is more rewarding than just making a sale.  How do you differentiate your lighting business from other dealers?

Protect your clients’ equipment to give them the trouble-free service they expect and deserve. Do what major manufacturers recommend: increase your company’s economic effectiveness with reduced downtime, fewer service calls, and less late-night phone calls.

The Lutron Lighting Control application manual recommends the use of surge suppression devices to protect sensitive lighting control equipment.

The notes state: “The following suppression units will protect the electrical system from external transients entering the system through the power lines. The filtering part of the units will clean the power, and suppress internally generated transients that can lockup electronics, necessitate reprogramming of controls, and gradually deteriorate sensitive electronics.” 

The recommended suppression units are all made by TPD and can protect Radio Ra2, HomeWorks, and Homeworks QS installations.TPD can supply surge suppression devices that will protect from transients by stopping them dead at the point of entry into the dwelling. TPD’s design service can help you design a protective surge shield that protects all copper entering and leaving the dwelling. Lighting, communication lines, cable, cameras, gate controls, and even outdoor audio and video are protected.

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